MYTH Token powers a rapidly expanding alliance of play and earn gaming partners, globally recognised publishing houses, content platforms, leading influencers, NFT art and collectible creators and metaverse experiences all focused on the enormous Fantasy, Sci-fi and Horror markets. We already have 14 projects committed to driving token utility and ten supporting communities engaged, comprising more than 500,000 fans. Led by genre defining creators and iconic brands we stand at the forefront of change that will reinvent fandom and unlock true web 3.0 experiences for the tens of millions of passionate fantasy fans.

With so much more to come.

Our expanding MYTH powered ecosystem will drive user growth through innovative approaches to content creation, community building and a host of tools that will empower users to create and play together like never before. Additionally supported by user access to exclusive partner offers and groups along with a compelling rewards program that integrates real world and digital rewards to incentivise our audience for participation, creativity and achievement.

Partner acquisition will be driven by a partner to earn program, shared community resource management, advanced analytics tools for marketing and community engagement, token allocations, access to a network of entertainment and blockchain resources and participation in a partner linked metaverse play.


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